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Iron in the Hat is the first of a series of a modern-day Smokey Westford mystery novels.  Smokey Westford is a farrier in the Flint Hills area of Kansas who finds out that the horses she works under aren’t the most dangerous part of horseshoeing. Publish date TBA




Spindle City.jpg


Spindle City is the first in a series of steampunk mysteries that take place within the textile industry of Lowell, Massachusetts during the 1800’s. Publish date TBA







Hallway Sex Series will be romance novels for the empty nester age group. Hallway Sex is based on an old joke with the hope that long term couples can find their way to falling in love again. (photo credit James DeMeers) Publish date TBA





Butt Dialed is a stand-alone science fiction mystery thriller. Technology and apps are great. Until they aren’t. When the president goes missing is it a mistake or a kidnapping? Publish date TBA






Auntie Cher Bear and Henri the Dressage Poodle. A poodle and his human manage to get into trouble every day. A kids series. Publish date TBA








The Photo Archivist will be a stand-alone science fiction novel about a girl named Abbey, who researches and catalogs photos after an extinction level event on earth. Abbey survived the 6th extinction of humans on earth and hopes her work will stop the 7th ELE. Publish date TBA