About Me


Cheryl Swayne’s first fiction short story was published in Horse of Course Magazine when she was 11 years old. She was a latch key kid before there was a term for it. As a result, Cheryl spent a lot of time in a home made chair fort writing fiction short stories. Once high school and college came along, there wasn’t time to write fiction. During this time, and while working through a career in natural resources, Cheryl focused on non-fiction, completing dozens of articles and one book that were natural resources related.
Cheryl’s second act came at the age of 45, when she left natural resources to attend farrier school and complete a two year apprenticeship. No matter what work Cheryl does, she always writes. During her farrier years, she wrote daily on two BLOGS that she started. One was about her farrier work; the other about her rescue cats. She was also published in the Schneider Trucking Drivers’ newsletter, and Garden Prints Magazine. She also wrote for About.com. She also has five non-fiction books for sale on Amazon.

A strong need to be outside is evident in her daily life. She started running at
16, and at 60, still runs the same pace that she did as a teen. Though the 5K races are fun as it’s about dressing in costume, Cheryl spent 2019 moving into 10K’s and half marathons. 

Her major in college was Recreation and Leisure Studies. That opened up a wealth of exercise and outdoor activities in which she still partakes. Some of those include weight lifting, bicycling, horseback riding, hiking, gardening, kayaking, and yoga. For her 60th birthday, she went zip lining at the new Go Ape in Kansas City. To date, Cheryl has hiked in 15 states, bicycled four rail trails, and lived in five states. 

Critters are a big part of Cheryl’s life. She currently has a poodle and a flock of hens. She and her husband spent the last 25 years operating a cat rescue. At different times in her life she owned a half thoroughbred bay mare and a rose grey quarter horse gelding.