FunAfter50 was revised in 2017, combining the book and workbook into one resource at a lower cost. FunAfter50 offers life coaching to Baby Boomers in an effort to keep us active, moving, healthy, and happier as we age.  On Amazon






How to Have Fun After60. A follow up to FunAfter50. Publish date TBA






10 Favorite Bread Recipes. A collection of my favorite bread recipes. Selected both for taste and to teach bread baking skills. On Amazon





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Rescue Cats: Twenty Years of Cat Care. We didn’t mean to start a cat rescue, but hey, it happens. We can’t save them all, but we do what we can. On Amazon




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Gardening for Kids. Written by Lexi Studebaker. My best friend left her kid with me for one summer. We worked on her 4-H projects (gardening and nutrition), she came with me to my farrier work, we ran two ballfield concession stands, she played on a softball team and went to day camp for a week. In the end, we decided to write a book about her 4-H projects. On Amazon



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Pesto, The Healthy Treat. My husband was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. We had to change how we prepare food. We attended a class on making pesto and fell in love with it. We grow garlic, basil, mint, kale, and tomatoes in our garden. Each season, we process the smaller tomatoes in a food dryer for the pesto recipe that has dried tomatoes as an ingredient. On Amazon




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A Waste Of A Human Resource. Dozens of jobs, dozens of states, dozens of work types, dozens of managers. The life of a highly educated critical thinking employee who is referred to as ‘a waste of a human resource.’ Publish date TBA





Cheryl Miller, Autobiography. Surviving but never thriving. The result of childhood trauma and the child of two alcoholics. Available September 2019.








There Is No Crying in Horseshoeing. Learning to be a farrier at the old age of 45. A light-hearted view of hot air balloons, Guinea hens, heifer stampedes, and horses. Publish date TBA